FREE Resources - Leverage

To help advisors and investors better understand "forced savings" and the controversial subject of borrowing to invest, the following are some of Talbot Stevens' FREE educational resources on leveraging responsibly.


Leverage Professional

Talbot's Leverage Professional software allows you to do a personalized analysis of the net gains or losses for a range of returns so you get the full picture for your unique situation, for interest-only leverage, term loans, and RRSP loans. The brief, 1-page summary also reveals the minimum return needed for leverage to benefit you (be 'better than' not leveraging). Try our FREE evaluation version. More ...

Advisor Marketing Resources

To help advisors increase their business, Talbot has created the following marketing resources.

Top Tips for Advisors

Click here for Talbot's top ten suggestions for advisors when using leverage.

Talbot's Q&A for Advisors

Talbot has assembled common questions and answers related to marketing leverage responsibly here.

Prospecting Letters

These prospecting letters can introduce the concept, and find out who wants to learn more.


Following Talbot's Responsible Leverage Checklist will significantly enhance the odds of benefiting from borrowing to invest. The Leverage Suitability Checklist helps advisors prove they have addressed key disclosure guidelines, and the Emotional Acid Test helps confirm if investors are emotionally ready for the potential downside of borrowing to invest.

Strategy Sheets

Talbot has written one-page Strategy Sheets on leveraging, that advisors are free to use as an education tool as long as authorship remains intact.

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