Book: The Smart Debt Coach

In today's finance-everything society, how you think about and use debt is foundational to your financial success. With many Canadians dealing with record-high debt levels and underfunded retirement plans, The Smart Debt Coach provides valuable and timely strategies to help reduce bad debt, increase savings, and improve investment returns.

Using an engaging storyline approach, you'll learn secrets of the rich to increase your wealth and security. Some ideas you'll benefit from include:

  • Why you shouldn't put dry pasta in your RRSP
  • Two NEW, commonsense strategies for cautious investors to outperform the market
  • Earn guaranteed returns of 25% or more
  • Over 12 Smart Debt strategies, including several "can't lose" concepts like how to turn 'bad debt' into 'good debt'

$1,000 Benefit Guaranteed

If you're not confident you can benefit at least $1,000, return the book for a full refund!

Apply even some of this book's teachings and you'll owe its author a debt of gratitude. And that's smart debt!

Dave Chilton, "The Wealthy Barber"

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Don't Put Dry Pasta in Your RRSP

To learn more about why you should never put dry pasta in your RRSP, and how to Gross Up your RRSP contributions by 25 to 85%, click here.

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