Client Seminars

One of the unique and value-added features of Talbot Stevens' customized presentations is that each seminar includes 50 FREE copies of a Talbot's leverage booklet Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest or book Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice.

Talbot addresses a variety of topics to create tangible value for both the sponsor and attendees. Some of the ideas include:

  • Choose the right refund strategy to increase RRSP income 25 to 50% or more
  • Cut taxes using tax-deductible alternatives to RRSPs
  • Understand and implement responsible leverage to magnify returns like the rich do
  • Two investments even better than RRSPs
  • Protect investments in volatile markets
  • Earm a non-mutual fund return of over 25% guaranteed

Once you have booked a client seminar to increase your business and public profile, we will provide the following Marketing Materials, which could greatly assist you in planning and organizing a successful event:

  • A seminar Preparation Checklist to help organize
  • A Newspaper Ad/Workshop Flyer and Invitation Letter announcing the workshop
  • "Help a Friend" Referral Generating Ideas, useful for prospecting, and obtaining referrals

Based on our experience, the handout kit for seminar attendees should include a:

  • Feedback Form
  • Strategy Sheet on the topic that is most timely or important
  • Personal Action Plan handout to encourage people to ACT on ideas

To arrange a Client Seminar for your group, please contact us at (519) 663-2252.