Advisor Workshops

Most of Talbot's workshops help advisors increase their business by focusing on financial strategies that first benefit clients. He also does business develoment training, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and behavioural solutions.

While he has done much research and education on using investment debt responsibly, Talbot has also been a leader with his after-tax income research, helping define which investment strategies are most effective at producing net after-tax income, accounting for the 'hidden tax' of clawbacks. This is important as the industry focuses on adding value to the retirement income demographic.

To increase the impact of Talbot's training, he encourages attendees to prepare questions and identify key areas to focus on.

One of the unique and value-added features of Talbot's presentations is that each workshop includes 50 FREE copies of his new book The Smart Debt Coach or Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice. This retail value adds permanent and tangible value to the seminar for both the sponsor and attendees.


Some of Talbot's advisor workshop topics include:

  • Smart Debt Business Systems for Top Producers
  • Smart Debt Strategies to Increase Wealth
  • Maximize After-Tax Retirement Income
  • Cost-Effective Business Development

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To arrange a date for Talbot to speak to you and your colleagues, please call us at (519) 663-2252.