Smart Debt Certification Course

To meet the need for more objective understanding of the controversial business-building strategies related to borrowing to invest, Talbot has created a full-day Smart Debt Certification Course to help advisors and compliance officers understand:

  • the mechanics, risks, and opportunities with various investment debt strategies
  • how to exceed the MFDA's suitability guidelines
  • effective communication analogies and concepts to help appropriate clients objectively understand the pros and cons
  • strategies to reduce the risks to investors, as well as business risks to advisors and dealers

Increase Business and Reduce Risks

This course benefits dealers by helping advisors better understand when investment debt can make sense and when it doesn't. More importantly, the concepts and guidelines emphasize only considering Smart Debt: investment debt implemented with responsible strategies, responsible amounts, and responsible timing. This reduces business risks for everyone, demonstrating a higher, professional level of care.

6.5 CE Credits
Course attendees receive...

Qualifying for 6.5 CFP CE credits, advisors will learn:

  • guidelines and strategies to implement investment debt in a safer, responsible manner
  • the 5 myths related to borrowing to invest
  • 9 investment debt risks and how to reduce them
  • Interest-only investment debt vs. term loans, and RRSP Catch-Up loans
  • the Smith Manoeuvre, RRSP-leverage combination plans, RRSP meltdowns
  • Talbot's Debt Risk Theory
  • identifying suitable client profiles

Pricing and Discounts

The course fee, including $120 worth of software and books, is $345.

"Help a Friend" and spread the word, as significant group discounts apply. In addition, courses can be held for individual offices at rates of $295 or lower, depending on the group size.

To arrange a Smart Debt Certification Course for your group, or to be informed when a course comes to your area, email