New b-Book Concept

I've defined a b-Book as a personally branded PDF file — digital content that is easily read on any device. What makes it special is that the third-party content is branded to you, so readers know who to appreciate and contact to implement the ideas. A "Help a Friend" message encourages sharing with others, increasing referrals, with no additional cost or effort. All of Talbot's books, booklets, and pamphlets are available in the b-Book format, in full length and also subsets for short, focused messages. See below for samples.

Basic b-Book, $199

  • PDF of book customized with "Compliments of YourName, YourCompany" on the footer of each page (which links to your web site)
  • includes unlimited distribution rights, "as is, without modification," including printing in whole or part
  • one-time licensing fee: $100; personalization: $99 (if you change companies in the future, only this fee is charged to rebrand the content)

b-Book Plus Package, $299

  • Basic b-Book, plus ...
  • personalized "About You" page (self promo, including logo, explaining why readers should work with you)
  • Strategy-focused content. The book is also broken into bite-sized subsets or chapters, for ongoing distribution of single concepts and faster reading. This strategy-focused approach can be more effective in pursuing specific opportunities.
  • customized co-branded front cover is possible, with some publications
  • customized footer and "Help a Friend" message
  • one-time licensing fee: $200; personalization: $99

b-Pamphlets, $199

These brief publications are a quick read. They are very effective for introducing ideas, and finding out who would like to learn more, or meet to ACT on the strategies.

The following publications are available in the b-Book/b-Pamphlet format:

Click below for samples of a b-Book and b-Pamphlet