Free and Low-Cost Ways to Roll Out the RRSP Pasta Challenge

Feedback from my advisor workshops and client seminars coast to coast reveals that about 90% of investors spend their RRSP refunds.

My RRSP Pasta Challenge helps advisors and investors increase RRSP deposits by 25-100%. Everyone benefits from learning the answer to the RRSP Pasta Question:

RRSP Pasta Question

Helping your clients understand this and the 5 RRSP Refund Strategies is a big opportunity to add value to your clients, while increasing business.

Rolling Out the RRSP Pasta Challenge

After fully understanding the issue yourself, here are some free and low-cost, ways to help advisors roll out the concept, to increase RRSP business 25-100%.

  • Email your clients "How Pasta Can Increase Your RRSP Income 25-100%". Click here for step-by-step instructions.

  • Mail this letter with a similar message, perhaps with your next statements.
  • Use this storyboard to guide client conversations.
  • Share the message via social media

    Take the RRSP Pasta Challenge to increase your RRSP income 25-100%. Learn. Benefit. Share.

    Talbot Stevens, author of The Smart Debt Coach

  • Encourage clients to spread the word. The goal of the RRSP Pasta Challenge is not just to get all of your clients to contribute the full, equivalent, before-tax amount to their RRSPs, but to encourage them to share this overlooked, valuable concept with those they care about. Since most aren't aware of this concept, spreading the word is a good way for clients to help their friends, relatives, and co-workers, leading to referral opportunities for you.
  • Put this Campaign Display Panel on your desk, ideally with some pasta in front of it. Clients will be curious and ask what it is about. You can get a Display Panel at Staples for about $12. Display Panel: RRSP Pasta Message Click here for a 5x7" PDF of this image. Use a Display Panel to introduce other campaigns periodically.
  • Add value for referred friends, offering a free book. Giving away any good book that introduces client-first strategies that increase business is a cost-effective marketing approach. This is especially true if it integrates a "Help a Friend" message to also increase referrals, as The Smart Debt Coach does. The book retails for $25, but costs $10 or less, depending on quantity. Learn more.
  • Distribute a branded PDF of the chapter, or book, via email or on your website. PDFs of the short chapters of The Smart Debt Coach (and my other publications) can be personally branded with your name throughout, so readers know who to help them implement the wealth-building strategies. Pricing includes unlimited distribution. Learn more.