Corporate Seminars

With the lack of job security forcing everyone to become more efficient with their money, Talbot Stevens offers your staff very timely information that will benefit anyone who could use an extra couple hundred or thousand dollars every year.

Most people unnecessarily give away thousands of hard-earned dollars to people they don't even know. Financial stress costs individuals significantly in terms of productivity, security, and happiness, yet is easily avoided.

Corporations have used Talbot's entertaining financial workshops as a cost-effective way of adding tangible value to their conferences or large meetings. They have appreciated his objective and unbiased education.

One of the unique and value-added features of Talbot Stevens' customized presentations is that each seminar includes 50 FREE copies of a Talbot's leverage booklet Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest or book Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice.

During his entertaining and informative presentations, Stevens explains how attendees can:

  • Choose the right refund strategy to increase RRSP income 25 to 50% or more
  • Cut taxes using tax-deductible alternatives to RRSPs
  • Understand and implement responsible leverage to magnify returns like the rich do
  • Two investments even better than RRSPs
  • Protect investments in volatile markets
  • Earm a non-mutual fund return of over 25% guaranteed

Some popular seminar titles include:

  • Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice
  • Ten Strategies to Profit in Turbulent Times
  • Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest

To arrange for a Corporate Seminar, please contact us at (519) 663-2252.