RRSP Pasta Challenge

While most have a basic grasp of the government's retirement savings programs, very few understand a fundamental concept about RRSPs that would increase their retirement income by 25-100%.

To remedy this, Talbot has issued an "RRSP Pasta Challenge" to everyone to learn and benefit from this key idea, and to spread the word to those you care about.

This simplified question tests if you could benefit:

RRSP Pasta Challenge

RRSP Pasta Question

In a 50% tax bracket with $1,000 after taxes to invest, how much could you (and should you) contribute to your RRSP?

If you're not sure of the answer, or what pasta has to do with RRSPs, Talbot is freely providing everyone with the six-page chapter from his book that explains the concept. To get it, visit www.SmartDebtCoach.com/pasta.

Take the RRSP Pasta Challenge to increase your RRSP income 25-100%. Learn. Benefit. Share.

Talbot Stevens, author of The Smart Debt Coach

Learn, Benefit, Share

One of the messages in The Smart Debt Coach is the "Help a Friend" campaign that suggests that valuable ideas should be shared with those you care about.

Talk to your financial advisor about how this fundamental concept could, and should, increase your RRSP contribution by 25-100%.

To make it easy for advisors to get the word out, I have a toolkit: "Free and Low-Cost Ways to Roll Out the RRSP Pasta Challenge." Click here to get it.

Thanks for taking the RRSP Pasta Challenge, and spreading the word!