ATI Professional Software

After-Tax Income is All That Matters

Professional advisors know that comparing before-tax future values can lead to the wrong conclusions. For most Canadians, their most significant, long-term financial planning goal is retirement - specifically, to maximize their net after-tax income from retirement until death. To illustrate the importance of focusing on the after-tax income merits for income-based goals, consider the following.

Would you rather have $100K of RRSPs or $80K of unregistered equities?

Is $1.50 in an RRSP growing at 10% better than $1.00 of global equities growing at 12%?

Do RESPs with the new grants produce more after-tax income than 'In Trust For' accounts?

Revolutionary Analysis

ATI Professional is an Excel spreadsheet that accurately calculates the only thing that matters - how much After-Tax Income (ATI) can be generated from registered, non-registered and RESP funds over a desired time period. Analysis customized to an individual's unique situation is produced in minutes making it a fast, value-added sales tool. After-tax lump-sum analysis can also be done to maximize after-tax values for estate planning or saving for future purchases like a house or car.

Benefits to Advisors

Generally, RRSPs produce the most after-tax retirement income. In certain situations, unregistered equities can be better than RRSPs. Other benefits include:

  • Increase RRSP business 30 to 50% or more with five RRSP Refund Strategies
  • Increase the real after-tax value of clients' accounts, and your own
  • Differentiate from the competition by being a leader to attract clients away from others, while increasing referral potential
  • Attract $100,000 to $1,000,000 accounts
  • Understand when equities are better outside of an RRSP
  • New RESP business, showing the real after-tax benefits of RESPs