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November 18, 2015

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Author Issues "RRSP Pasta Challenge" to Improve Financial Literacy, with $2,500 Incentive

London, ON: To support financial literacy month in Canada, one finance author has issued an "RRSP Pasta Challenge," with a $2,500 incentive.

"The solution to record-high debt levels and underfunded retirements starts with financial literacy," says Talbot Stevens, author of The Smart Debt Coach. "And while most have a basic grasp of the government's retirement savings programs, very few understand a fundamental concept about RRSPs that would increase their retirement income by 25-100%."

To remedy this, Stevens has issued an "RRSP Pasta Challenge" to everyone to learn and benefit from this key idea, and to spread the word to those you care about. He offers this simplified question to test if you could benefit:

In a 50% tax bracket with $1,000 after taxes to invest, how much could you (and should you) contribute to your RRSP?

RRSP Pasta Question Stevens' experience coast to coast is that well over 80% of Canadians don't know the answer to what he calls the "RRSP Pasta Question," and he would like to change that.

"My discussions with David Chilton prompted him to include an extra chapter in his latest book, The Wealthy Barber Returns, to address this core concept that is not covered in other finance books," he explains.

If you're not sure of the answer, or what pasta has to do with RRSPs, Stevens is freely providing everyone with the six-page chapter from his book that explains the concept. To get it, visit

"I'm really committed to help all Canadians be aware of this basic knowledge and the 5 RRSP Refunds Strategies, because it benefits everyone, significantly," claims Stevens. "That's why I've issued an 'RRSP Pasta Challenge' to the financial industry, the media, and even companies who want to help their staff."

$2,500 Incentive to Improve Financial Literacy

"One of the messages in The Smart Debt Coach is my "Help a Friend" campaign that suggests that valuable ideas should be shared with those we care about.

To encourage everyone to learn "why you shouldn't put dry pasta in your RRSP," and spread the word, Stevens is offering 100 copies of his book -- a $2,500 retail value, to the corporation or financial advisor office that gets this fundamental message out to the most people beforeMarch 1, 2016.

"I'm really hoping that the financial industry, and other companies in general, can help me spread the word about how Canadians can, and should, increase their RRSP funds by 25-100%," states Stevens.

To learn more about the RRSP Pasta Challenge, visit

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Talbot Stevens is a speaker and author of The Smart Debt Coach. His first books Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice and Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest have sold almost a quarter of a million copies. For more information, contact Talbot Stevens, by calling (519) 663-2252, or emailing

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