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February, 1994

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RRSPs: Not Just for Retirement

The most important reason to make your RRSP contribution this year might not be for the tax refund or the tax-free growth. In his new bestselling book Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice, Talbot Stevens explains that although RRSPs are intended to encourage savings for retirement, they can also provide short-term security. With job security a thing of the past, an RRSP that can double as an emergency buffer can be used to carry you through periods of low or no income, and might make the difference of between losing and keeping the house. And if the RRSP is never used for short-term income insurance, it continues to compound tax free to give you security during its intended period - retirement.

Stevens' book cites another non-traditional use of RRSPs of interest to anyone who has decided to go back to school to increase their chances of keeping - or getting - a job during this time of high unemployment. He suggests that if you plan on going back to school, or starting a business, you should first build up an RRSP that can be withdrawn during the planned period of lower income. Using the RRSP to defer income to a year that you have little or no income, you can save thousands in income tax which can help finance the education or business startup.

RRSPs can be used in other creative short-term ways as well, such as when you are starting a family, or even to get a free vacation - paid for by the government.

Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice is guaranteed to benefit the reader at least $500, or your money back.

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Talbot Stevens is a financial educator, industry consultant, and author of "Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice" and "Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest". For other story ideas, visit the Free Resources menu of For more information, contact Judy Culford, Communications Director for Talbot Stevens, by calling (519) 663-2252, or emailing