Seminar Package

Seminar Presentation and Marketing Package

This turnkey package helps advisors present and market their own seminar on "Responsible Leverage: How to Magnify Returns Like the Rich Do". Dispel the myths of the controversial strategy of borrowing to invest. Use simple, understandable education and examples to show the pros and cons of borrowing for RRSP Catch-Up loans, traditional non-registered leveraging, a 5-point responbible leverage checklist, how to make your mortgage interest tax-deductible, and how to get money out of your RRSP/RRIF "tax-free".

As a complement to our leverage booklet, the marketing packages provide additional details and marketing tools.

As a bonus, this seminar package includes Talbot Stevens' Leverage Marketing Package:

  • 33-page Research Report for advisors on the technical aspects of leveraging
  • 5 "Napkin" Illustrations: simple, understandable ways to introduce leverage concepts in a few minutes using nothing more than a "pen and napkin"
  • a fill-in-the-blank educational worksheet
  • one-page Strategy Sheet articles for distribution
  • Emotional Acid Test to see if a client is ready to proceed and stick to the plan

The Seminar Presentation and Marketing Package contains:

  • 60-70 minute PowerPoint presentation, including speaker's notes. Two backgrounds for use with an LCD projector or to produce your own colour overheads.
  • Seminar marketing materials include: 2 print ad layouts, invitation letter, 4-fold brochure invitation, and flyer
  • Handout materials include: worksheets, Strategy Sheet articles, and feedback form
  • Planning checklist to maximize response from prospects, clients, and referrals
  • Save $250 on a public seminar by Talbot Stevens. Call for details to save even more