Pamphlet: Introduction to Conservative Leverage

To further help investors understand how and when the responsible use of leverage can make sense as park of an integrated financial plan, Talbot Stevens has created an educational pamphlet on leveraging that is:

  • Attractive, friendly, and full-colour
  • Very brief, and readable in approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Focused on the basic, introductory issues suitable for the majority of investors
  • Low-priced for wide distribution to many prospects and clients, as a handout, office waiting area piece or inclusion in mailings, client statements, etc.

And we have included space on the back cover for advisor contact information (labels, stamped on, or attached business card).

Investors will benefit from learning about:

  • Dispelling the myths of borrowing to invest
  • What is responsible leverage
  • How leverage magnifies returns (good and bad)
  • Benefits and risks of borrowing to invest
  • How to implement conservative leverage
  • Leverage suitability profile
  • The need to ACT to benefit, with a trusted advisor