Booklet: Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest

Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest

This brief 44-page booklet is a low-cost marketing tool that comprehensively outlines the pros and cons of borrowing to invest. Covering RRSP Catch-Up loans, traditional leverage outside of RRSPs, and RRSP-Leverage combination plans, all levels of investors can learn how to benefit from responsible leverage as an integrated part of their financial plan.

While the booklet contains many strategies that will increase an advisor's business, astute financial planners will use the booklet to reduce their business risk. By providing all leveraged clients and prospects with this objective, third-party educational booklet, the advisor ensures that the financial and emotional risks have been disclosed. With a signed Emotional Acid Test, the advisor has proof that the client understands the potential downside.

This publication is only available in b-Book (branded PDF) format.

Borrowing money to buy equity mutual funds is a risky strategy, more so after stock markets have had a good run. I'm glad Talbot Stevens has done the math. He shows what it takes for leverage to work.

Jim Daw, Business Editor, The Toronto Star


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