Client-First Business-Building Systems

In an environment of uncertainty and lower returns for both equity and fixed-income investors, the value of ideas and strategies increases.

Instead of a product-based value proposition built on providing market insight and superior investments, effective advisors focus on integrating effective concepts into financial plans that move clients closer to their financial goals. At all levels of wealth and sophistication, clients cannot benefit from ideas they aren't aware of.

Always delivering client-first strategies increases trust and referrals. Integrating client-first strategies that increase investment assets in a systematized way increases business. Scaling these processes across all advisors in a large organization produces significant win-win benefits for clients, advisors, their dealer, and money managers.

There are many strategies that can help clients increase investment assets, with varying levels of complexity and benefit. Some of the possible strategies are shown on this chart.

Increase Investment Savings

This is based on a simple idea to increase the effectiveness of monthly savings plans that should have been standard practice decades ago. More ...

Maximize Your RRSP Strategy

Investors act on one of 5 RRSP refund strategies. Help clients understand which one, or combination, is best for them. This client-first discussion is unique, simple, and can increase deposits by 25-85%. More ...

Leveraging 2.0: Win-Win Wealth Acceleration

Even cautious investors, advisors, dealers, lenders, and money managers can benefit from understanding the simpler, safer strategies of the new Leveraging 2.0 era. More ...